Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lake with the Carricks

At the end of September Julie and I were invited to go to the Prineville Reservoir with the Carricks and Ryan. All we did was wake skate the whole day. I do not even think the wakeboards touched the water that day. It was a really fun day in the sun.
Julie wake skating
Emily Carrick with no rope.....
Us with Ryan - the lake was almost as smooth as glass, see behind us.
The men - Me, Mike Carrick and Ryan
Roni and Emily Carrick in the middle

Tam McArthur Rim

In early September we took a short hike of about 7 miles with two good friends - Mindy and Lori. It was a great day with sun and a bit of rain.

The boys and the girls. Julie, Lori and Mindy

Mindy with Tam McArthur Rim in the background.

On the top of the Rim looking over Three Creeks with a Rainbow.

The boys playing in the snow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost forgot to post

I cannot forget this to post his Hike. Mike, Lisa, Julie and I went on a hike a couple of weeks ago up in the Cascades. The trail was called Obsidian Trail, there was a lot of obsidian on that trail. There was a meadow full of it, it looked like glass shimmering in the sun. Also on the trail there were a couple of springs coming out from the ground, it was cold and tasted good. We passed a couple of PCT hikers coming through Oregon on their way to Canada. It is amazing these people hike all the way from Mexico to here and keep going to Canada.

The Group

Our Trail with the boys in front.

2nd Annual Elk Lake Camp Trip

Just this past weekend a group of us went up to Elk Lake for our annual camp trip. There were 12 people this year that went. Several of us went on a 9 mile hike on the 6 lake trail. It was amazing how beautiful these lakes were. Every night we cooked our meals over the fire. The crazy part about the trip was that I think we knew everybody that camped around us at the other camp sites.
Julie, Matt and I cooking it up.
Colby eating corn and Clark wondering if he is going to get any.
Julie on a rock in the middle of Lucky Lake
Us at Lucky Lake
Elk Lake with South Sister in the background

Cody and Chris's Wedding at the Ranch

Just a couple of weeks ago Wayne and Karen's daughter Cody got married to Chris. Julie and I helped out getting the place ready for the wedding. My Mom and Dad came to the wedding. My mom helped make the invitation for them. The wedding was a good time - Julie and I saw a lot of people that we have not seen in a long time and the best part to be able to country swing dance.
Wayne walking Cody down the aisle with us in the background
The Men.............

Lake Shasta with friends

Brittany, a good friend of ours, has a family cabin at Lake Shasta (five hours away) that we got to go to for a long weekend. There were 8 of us - Brittany, Paul, Tom, Hannah, Matt, Heidi and us. Her family keeps a couple of jet skies at the lake so we got to ride them around a part of the lake until one stopped working. Matt and I got this brainy idea that we could fix it with the limited amount of tools that I keep in my truck and we failed. But we had a swimming dock to hang out at and swim. It was a lot of fun hanging with our friends.
Brittany and Paul.
Matt and the jet ski battery............

Horse Clinic with Steve

Every year Julie takes a couple of Horse Clinics at our friends' ranch that Steve Rother comes to do. http://www.horseteacher.com/ Every time Julie goes she get so much better at horsemanship and as a rider. She does awesome......
Julie doing rounds in the Arena

Wayne working with Steve's horse on sitting. It is amazing that you can teach a horse to sit.